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Welcome to the PolyBrain Cinematic Universe (PBCU)

Greetings World!

PolyBrain Records is proud to partner with Silver Bonnet to create the PolyBrain Cinematic Universe! The inaugural work with be a trio of short films with a Twilight Zone style, all scored by the original works of PolyBrain artists!

The first short film, Infrared Current, will pay homage to the Twilight Zone episode Will the Real Martian Please Stand. The PolyBrain interpretation will focus on a group of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) young adults who are paralyzed with paranoia as an unworldly event ruins their summer vacation.

The second film, Alicia and Corry, will be based on the Twilight Zone episode The Lonely. The PolyBrain narrative is two claustrophobic strangers that are trapped on the second floor of a beach house, each having a very different story as to how they survived thus far. Will they survive what is knocking on the door?

The last film in the debut trilogy of the PBCU will be Vera’s Walk Home. Drawing inspiration from the Twilight Zone episode Mirror Image, the story takes place during Vera’s mundane walk home. She begins to question her surroundings. What could be lurking in the shadows?

If you would like more detail, please click the link below to assist us in our endeavors to support small businesses, BIPOC and LGBTIQA+ communities. Every little bit helps and we greatly appreciate your generosity!

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