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Memory Set

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Memory Set is the solo music project of Jacob Eifert. The Long Island musician has been writing, producing, recording, and engineering his own work since 2013. He also works alongside other artists as an audio engineer and producer. After learning how to produce, mix, and master music in high school, his debut album “Society” was independently released on bandcamp in 2015. It featured multiple genres, including hip-hop, house, disco, and synth pop. He then followed up that release with a self-titled EP in 2016 which saw an even heavier focus on sampling, groove and synthesizers. In 2017 his “Coast Calling” EP saw another change of pace into surf rock and indie rock territory. After releasing these EP’s and a series of singles throughout college, Jacob put out his next full-length album “Lost Memories” in the spring of 2020. It was his first project that was released on streaming services.


Coast Calling EP (Cover Art).jpg
Lost Memories Cover Art.jpg
As the Tides, Memory Set - Final Cover A
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