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PolyBrain adds new band p.e.r.

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Who is p.e.r.?

In attempt to bring eclectic variance back into the forefront of the musical world, p.e.r.'s Brandon Nichol mixes ingredients in the comfort of his home in order to bring deep-fried rock & amp; roll sanctification to you. As an admirer of many different styles of music, Brandon wants you to have an assortment of selections to choose from. His first project, “Tinton’s Place” was created in his apartment room in Boulder, CO while finishing up college. After two singles and an EP release, he created a new project- “p.e.r.”. After releasing his first record “p.e.r. 1” which was recorded on 4 track cassette recorder and featured an array of musical tidbits and goofs, he decided to merge Tinton’s Place with p.e.r.. Now, with 6 releases under p.e.r., Brandon strives to make his records like writing a movie scene by scene. It is true, some mystery or surprise can be around the corner at any given time.

We are excited to add p.e.r. to the community and PolyBrain looks forward to sharing new releases of p.e.r. music in the near future!

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