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"Out of Touch" New single by Dream Mode Review

Dream Mode is back with their newest release titled “Out of Touch” which seems to challenge our definition of perceived reality through the feelings and emotions of this new song. The music video for part one shows us a piece of modern technology playing “Out of Touch” and a caveman who helplessly falls upon it. The experience is so new and earth shattering for the caveman that he finds himself lost in the freeing emotion that this song gives him. No longer is he stressed about his life and responsibilities of the moment. Now he is free of all the burdens that he had before his mental transformation. You can quite literally see where his thoughts are at by how he moves, acts, and expresses himself as he, and the viewer, both listen to this new single. This single makes one think if they are also the caveman with respect to their own lives and perhaps, by listening to “Out of Touch” the listener will also be freed from their burdens and dimensions?

The second part of “Out of Touch” features a similar element from the first part showing the same caveman. However, this time the caveman and the video takes a new form. Whereas before the music was freeing and liberating, now the caveman and the art, takes a zombie-like, tranquilized, and trippy state. Perhaps this is a warning of what too much freedom and exploration can do? It can also be interpreted by the repetitive motions of the caveman that we are all existing in a wheel-like cycle that is life, and the song is showing this.

Watch the music videos yourself to get your own interpretation of what's happening and also listen to the new release!

Both parts can be viewed here:

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